Private Treaty

A Private Treaty, or negotiated sale, is a sales methodology whereby individual assets, production lines or entire facilities can be offered for sale onto the global markets. The sale takes the form of discussion and negotiation between the buyer and the seller facilitated and undertaken by ourselves. We agree a selling and pricing strategy with our client, market the assets and agree individual sale contracts with buyers.

Private Treaty is a long-term sales process, where the markets and buyers are limited. Each member of our team is highly knowledgeable in the industrial equipment being sold, thus assisting both the buyer and the seller in facilitating the sale.

Private Treaty is the preferred option when trying to sell high value, specialized assets where there is a limited market. It is also beneficial when selling whole facilities or complete plants. The longer selling period allows for detailed inspections, allows, corporations to work out exactly what they need and time for necessary capital expenditure approvals or fund raising to take place. It also allows the seller more time to consider offers and combination of offers to best suit their requirements.

Other reasons for using Private Treaty include difficult removal situations, overseas transactions, long term payment periods etc.

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