Insolvency Advice + Help

We’ll take practical steps to protect the value of your business assets, so we can maximize their net value while minimizing your involvement throughout the process. Our ability to act quickly is crucial to the overall success and result.

From years of working with and for insolvency practitioners, We have an in-depth knowledge and practical experience of what is required. When you instruct us, we:


Understand what’s involved and will in-devour to:

  • Keep you informed throughout the whole process.
  • Provide accurate valuations of assets, if required.
  • Dispose of the assets via online auction or other means if you would like us to.
  • Have a dedicated staff member available on 24-hour standby 365 days a year to meet your timescales, and answer any questions you may have .


Safeguard the assets and will:

  • Protect vulnerable assets from theft by removing them to a safe place or guarding them in their current standing.
  • If necessary, secure assets by recovering or removing them and storing them securely on our premises.
  • Minimize the risk of theft or damage to each asset by using the most appropriate means for moving, dismantling and transporting it.
  • Use our dedicated in-house team of removal and transport specialists throughout the moving process.


Handle the financial aspects and will:

  • Manage third-party finance agreements by using our knowledge of consolidations, hire purchase agreements, contract hire agreements, lease and secondary lease agreements to ensure the value of assets is apportioned correctly


Whether you are managing a company’s financial issues through administration, a pre-pack administration, liquidation, or a company voluntary arrangement, We understand the issues and subtle differences and will give qualified, independent assistance relevant to your specific situation.

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